Judge Contreras

If NR’s Andrew McCarthy is to be believed (and I think he is), Judge Contreras may have violated basic rules of evidence. Every indication is that the ‘Steele Dossier’ was used to acquire the FISA Title 1 warrant on Carter Page.

The problem is that the evidence provided by the Steele Dossier is unsubstantiated. The assumption is that Steele’s reputation as a reliable source was used to support the claims in the Dossier even though the claims themselves were unsubstantiated. This is not how evidence works.

All that Steele’s reputation could ever support is that he conveyed the information he provided without tampering. Since he was not the source of the claims, he cannot vindicate them.

IF Contreras accepted Steele’s reputation as vindication of the unverified claims made by others Contreras has show himself incompetent at a basic task of a judge: Evaluating evidence.


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