Donald J. Trump vs Wimpy

Politics is made up of either grifters, suckers or bill collectors.

Wimpy is a grifter. His whole approach is to get today and pay some other day.

The suckers exchange something of tangible value for vibrating air or marks on a piece of paper. Since the grifter never has any intention of delivering on their promises, one of the most important elements of a successful grift is not be around when the promises come due.

There are those that like to portray Donald Trump as a ‘grifter’.

I sort of get it.

Donald Trump looks like a grifter.

But he’s not.

Donald Trump is a bill collector.

When NAFTA was passed in 1993 the Globalist Wimpys promised the benefits would — eventually — outweigh the costs.

Of course, when the profits started to roll in from the effects of global labor arbitrage, the Wimpys got their ‘hamburger today’.

But the promised benefits to the working class side of the economy never came.

Nor did they come for any subsequent global trade agreement: PTNR China, CAFTA, GATT, WTO.

The Wimpys were still working on another grift — TPP — when along came Donald J. Trump, Bill Collector.

From his campaign announcement speech forward, Candidate Trump hammered on the failure of global trade agreements to deliver on the…wait for it now… promises made by the Wimpys.


As I said before, one of the key elements of a successful grift is to get out of town before the suckers realize they have been conned.

But, when you have conned an entire nation, ‘moving on’ gets hard.

If you want to understand the scale — and tenor — of opposition to Donald J. Trump, it’s important to understand how grifters respond when their grift starts to fall apart, they cannot get out of town and the bill collector is banging on their door: They make excuses.

Now, people in general do not resort to a collection agency until they have become convinced that their debtor has not intention of paying. Usually the debtor has made promises that they failed to keep and offered excuses for doing so. Often the creditor has accepted those excuses because they they a sucker. But, even suckers have their limits and when those limits are reached they get someone who is not a sucker to take over the task: A bill collector.

In additional to many skills for finding people and uncovering assets, all successful bill collectors have one basic characteristic: They do not accept excuses.

Bill collectors realize that excuses are made out the same ephemeral substance as the original — unrealized — promises: vibrating air, marks on paper.

This is, I think, why Donald J. Trump is President.

NAFTA was passed 23 years prior when Candidate Trump talked about the deal on the campaign trail and his audience knew exactly what he was talking about.

The elites tend to think that the ‘average American’ has the attention span of a gnat, but for some things our memories are long.

Things were promised.

Promises were not kept.

The People tried to get someone, anyone to keep the promises made.

If they received a reply at all, it was an excuse or told it was their fault that they couldn’t figure out how to get what they wanted without the results promised.

So the People decided to hire a Bill Collector.

If President Trump decides to let DACA continue, we will know he is not the Bill Collector we need.


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